Sorry for all the changes, everyone!

Greetings, Anyone who is actually reading this blog at this point in time!

As the title suggests, I’m sorry for the changes. I’m currently working on blog reconstruction. I’ve moved it from being wordpress-hosted to bluehost-hosted, and it’s definitely an adjustment. Lots of tech to learn. But hopefully it will also help me make this blog have a better theme, which is good.

I’m hoping to be done with all of this soon, and I won’t post another actual, topical post until this is done. It will probably be about Roy Moore. Or Edward Cullen. I’m not sure yet.

So there’s that.…

I found poetry that I actually like. What the hell.

So it’s like, really rare that I find poetry (or psalms or written prayers, for that matter) that are compelling and actually make me feel some sort of emotion. For a while, I thought I was some sort of emotional mute, incapable of feeling the emotions that normal people could in response to various art forms. I eventually made my peace with the fact that maybe I’m just a head person. Maybe I just get more out of things that make my head say “shit, really?” I’ve learned to live with it, and even appreciate it.…

On Net Neutrality

I try to hide my disdain for the conventional political camps nowadays.

Like… the Republican party lately has seemed intent on just dismantling everything Obama put into place, but without any real argument as to why it should be dismantled. In general, the republicans claim to be in favor of small goverment, but in practice their policies are more in favor of the wealthy and big businesses.

And I know I fall into line on a lot of Democrat ideologies as far as running the country, but I don’t fall in with all of them. I think it’s pretty obvious that the usual Democratic party’s answer to a problem is usually something along the lines of “make a law about it” without regard to whether a law is necessary. Additionally, the Democrats frequently overstep their authorities and push their authority where it isn’t wanted or welcomed.

Regarding Campus Preachers

It was 2013 when I was a sophomore in college. I was walking to an economics class (which was being taught by my favorite professor) and was running a little late, but whatever. So what, I’m bad at time management.

Along the path to class, I walked past one a campus preacher.

We had various groups come through from time to time handing out pamphlets that were probably designed in the 80’s to kids (who, they had to know, would probably later just turn and throw the slice of paper into the nearest garbage can.) But they came anyway. Normally, I’d pass them with a sort of pitying “oh bless their hearts” feeling left in my mind, the way you feel when you see some kids having a lemonade stand. You know it’s probably not going to go anywhere serious, but they feel like they’re being productive, and some people are getting some refreshment from it, so it’s best to just let them be.

But the campus preacher I passed wasn’t handing out flyers or anything. He was just standing there, yelling.…