Two can play at that game? Really?

Someone posted this meme on facebook today. It’s not a high quality meme by any account, but its existence is… frustrating.

The caption to this meme? “Two can play at that game.”

To be perfectly honest, I was already pissed off having learned that the trump administration intends to repeal tip pooling regulations (which isn’t terrible in itself, but could result in employers choosing to retain their employees’ tips for the house, and by house, I mean the employers’ bottom line. I was going to write about it, but really I don’t think there’s enough to write about. What goes through my head when I think about it is just an angry snorting face emoji. Not much substance to that,)

AngryBlob Emoji

And anyway, I have no control or influence over Trump. But I do have some influence over facebook friends. I can at least stand up and say something when I feel morally obligated to do so.

He posts this image as though we should all be laughing at it, as though it’s actually got merit and weight and is funny?

What the hell? In what world is this funny?

Women are sexually assaulted every day. Women are raped every day. Men too.  And yes, sometimes these acts of violence happen at the hands of law enforcement themselves (a great shame on our culture.)

But none of these attacks come at the hands of law abiding citizens. None of these attacks are within the bounds of the law. It is illegal (as it should be) to sexually assault someone, regardless of the words that come out of their mouth before the assault. Period.

And that meme is nonsense. In what world would a passing male cop be able to say “I identify as female” and then immediately be accepted as female for all intents and purposes? I mean, really, it’s not like those words are magic, immediately absolving you of any and all responsibility for your actions and giving you the freedoms of the other sex. Even the Trans community would likely be sensitive to this.

And also, transgender people are generally not predators. In fact, they are more likely to be the victims of assault than most people. There are no credible stories in which a person pretends to be a woman so they can follow a woman into a women’s restroom and attack them. This is an irrational fear.

Predators who want to attack someone are going to do so regardless of the law. If the scenario playing out in that meme was to actually happen, it would be more realistic to assume the cop is joking than to believe he takes it seriously.

Using the shitty actions of sexual predators as a weapon against transgender people is wrong. And it’s bad logic.

So I left a comment calling it out.

And then I had to change it because my husband and I decided it might be a little too snarky. And I’m glad I changed it. I don’t think my facebook friend really understood that the meme would be hurtful.

But I’m still frustrated.

I’m frustrated that I can’t be truly and completely honest about how frustrated I am with the people whose opinions and memes are so hurtful to others.

I’m frustrated that this is what passes for discussion about transgender issues in many circles.

I’m frustrated that that image had the hashtag #bluelivesmatter underneath it (because what possible message about cops that this meme could have is ok?)

But more than anything, I’m frustrated that this person is a bible believing christian.

He is a christian and yet he is ok with laughing about sexual assault because it disparages a way of thinking and living that he disagrees with. And I’d be willing to bet that the 4 people who “Laughing” and “Love” reacted to the image are, at the very least, professing christians.

I don’t fully know what the Christian response to the Trans community should be. I haven’t researched what the bible says about it enough, and I don’t know enough about the Trans community to understand it yet.

But I know it’s not this.

We as christians should never take the sensitive parts of others’ identities, even the sinful parts, and step on them this way. We should never take a characteristic of a population, especially a minority or vulnerable population (such as the LGBT community) and mock it. It’s bullying. It’s cruel. It does nothing to bring people to God.

Ever since The Fall, when humans became no longer right with God, sin has been weaving its way in our identities and in our behaviors in every way. Every way. Gender identity and LGBT issues just seem to be the particular area that we are focusing on this year.

And yes, it is possible that it is against God’s purpose for humanity for people to change sex or otherwise be genderqueer. It’s also possible that the need to abandon the sex assigned at birth is a side effect of the sins of our culture, and not a sin in and of itself. Or perhaps it’s a mix of the two (I find that to be the most likely scenario, personally.) I am not qualified to make that call and I don’t claim to be making it now.

But it is not possible for a Christian to be anything but sinful if they mock or degrade or disrespect those who bear the burden of LGBT issues. Period.

Transgender humans are still humans. No behavior strips that from them. And being humans, they bear the image of God. They are loved by Him. They are people for whom Jesus was willing to die.

So don’t fucking tell me that it’s ok to make them the butt of a joke.

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