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On Net Neutrality

I try to hide my disdain for the conventional political camps nowadays.

Like… the Republican party lately has seemed intent on just dismantling everything Obama put into place, but without any real argument as to why it should be dismantled. In general, the republicans claim to be in favor of small goverment, but in practice their policies are more in favor of the wealthy and big businesses.

And I know I fall into line on a lot of Democrat ideologies as far as running the country, but I don’t fall in with all of them. I think it’s pretty obvious that the usual Democratic party’s answer to a problem is usually something along the lines of “make a law about it” without regard to whether a law is necessary. Additionally, the Democrats frequently overstep their authorities and push their authority where it isn’t wanted or welcomed.

This whole Roy Moore situation makes me really frustrated. Actually, that’s an understatement.

So it’s kind of a social trend that right now, allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct are just flying through the press. Last year, all the celebrities were dying. This year, they’re just all being outed as sex offenders. It’s almost comical, except with every new name being added to the list, there are women and men who are the victims of a crime.

There have even been spoof articles, circulating social media, in which an actor deals with “accusations of taking women on really nice dates”. I’m not sure how I feel about these spoof articles. They sort of trivialize the fact that the women making these allegations about powerful men go through a lot of stress while trying to decide whether to come forward or not.

In reference to the buzz against the alleged offenders, there’s a large part of me that is saying “Hell. Yes. Don’t let them get away with it!”…

Thoughts about John Kasich’s book, Two Paths

So this past week or so I’ve listened to John Kasich’s book while at work. (Oh, yeah, I have the ridiculous fortune of having an incredibly menial job, which means I can pretty much have anything I want coming through my headphones without it impacting my work. I love it. Also, libraries carry audiobooks now and that is just a fabulous advance. Thank you, technology.)

Kasich’s book, titled Two Paths: America Divided or United, is, I guess, like his version of What Happened by Hillary Clinton. Except far less publicized. Also, I feel like it probably has been better received even with its small audience simply because of the nature of the 2016 election,

So here’s something about Trump and coal miners

Here you go, guys. You get to read my reaction to something infuriating in pretty much real time, with minor adjustments for continuity and for some semblance of grammar.

I was reading the news this morning while pretending to do some work, and I came across this frustrating story.

So ok, like I’d expect, coal miners (as in, workers in a dying industry) in Pennsylvania are being offered training for other industries.