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Regarding Campus Preachers

It was 2013 when I was a sophomore in college. I was walking to an economics class (which was being taught by my favorite professor) and was running a little late, but whatever. So what, I’m bad at time management.

Along the path to class, I walked past one a campus preacher.

We had various groups come through from time to time handing out pamphlets that were probably designed in the 80’s to kids (who, they had to know, would probably later just turn and throw the slice of paper into the nearest garbage can.) But they came anyway. Normally, I’d pass them with a sort of pitying “oh bless their hearts” feeling left in my mind, the way you feel when you see some kids having a lemonade stand. You know it’s probably not going to go anywhere serious, but they feel like they’re being productive, and some people are getting some refreshment from it, so it’s best to just let them be.

But the campus preacher I passed wasn’t handing out flyers or anything. He was just standing there, yelling.…

I wrote an essay about Thomas while replying to a friend and I liked it enough to save it as its own file. Here’s the slightly more polished version. (by Fall Out Boy.)

This morning, something stuck out while I was listening to my usual commute sermon. For those who don’t know what a commute sermon is, it’s actually extremely intuitive. It’s a sermon you listen to on your commute. There. You know that now.

The reason that something stuck out to me today was because it started out talking about Thomas (Widely nicknamed “Doubting Thomas”, which I don’t like) and later talked about Peter, and for some reason I thought of you. Both were in reference to their responses to Jesus after the resurrection. But I’m not talking about Peter today. Today isn’t his day.

The section about Thomas noted what everyone thinks of when he comes up–his adamant declaration that unless he touches Jesus’ scars, he won’t believe in the resurrection. And then Jesus comes through some walls into a locked room, which is kinda sci-fi ish but to be honest I don’t really find it surprising, I mean he’s Jesus. Suck it. (I mean, you suck it, not Jesus. I feel like that’s obvious though.)