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I honestly can’t think of a clever way to explain that I’m about to talk about the finale of The Office. (That’s it, that’s the title of this piece.)

The Office is not a difficult show to enjoy. Well, once you get past the first season, anyway.

Actually, even in the first season, Jim’s crush on Pam is captivating enough that it keeps you going, in spite of the fact that First Season Michael Scott was written to be so awful that it is almost impossible to get past it. Thank God the writers didn’t stick with that.

Interestingly, Parks and Rec has a similar situation, with Leslie Knope being almost insufferably pushy. The shows are in similar styles– workplace mockumentary with an ensemble cast– so I’m curious about why both of them had such rough starting character profiles. Maybe the writers were going for a “So cringeworthy you can’t look away” sort of thing? idk. Anyway.

Husband and I just finished watching The Office for the third time. I watch it every fall. And it’s just… the best. I have to limit myself to once per year too, because otherwise I know I’d watch it constantly throughout the year and then get sick of it. I did that to Bob’s Burgers a little bit (though you can never truly get sick of Bob’s Burgers), and now it’s not on Netflix, so I can’t watch it really anymore. And I will never forgive Fox (or Netflix, or whoever is behind that decision) for that.