Sorry for all the changes, everyone!

Greetings, Anyone who is actually reading this blog at this point in time!

As the title suggests, I’m sorry for the changes. I’m currently working on blog reconstruction. I’ve moved it from being wordpress-hosted to bluehost-hosted, and it’s definitely an adjustment. Lots of tech to learn. But hopefully it will also help me make this blog have a better theme, which is good.

I’m hoping to be done with all of this soon, and I won’t post another actual, topical post until this is done. It will probably be about Roy Moore. Or Edward Cullen. I’m not sure yet.

So there’s that.

Again, though, sorry for all the chaos. Honestly though, this site is so new and such a baby site that if anyone visits this thing frequently enough for the changes to be apparent, I’m impressed and honored and surprised.

(At least, like, the changes are disorienting at most. I don’t have enough content for stuff to get lost and the menus are the same. It’s not like, oh, I don’t know, the water main break on my way in to work last month. That was disorienting, but also like, really frustrating, you know? Like: “I just need to turn left, and I needed to do it in 50 feet, but no, this truck is sitting here and it won’t move for some reason, and I can’t get around it because it’s in the leftmost laneĀ of course and so now I have to sit here and watch the stoplight cycle through red, green arrow, green, yellow, red, etc etc etc and not make any progress I just want to get to work oh my god.” There’s no way the site changes are as frustrating for you as that was for me. And yes, I am including my short fuse and readily-frustrated nature in that assessment.)

Ha. There’s a little doohickey in this editing panel that gauges my readability. It just called this “OK”. HA. In what world is this OK? It starts with an apology and then halfway through there’s this stream-of-consciousness rant about my commute from three wednesdays ago.



P.S. The doohickey just demoted me to “Needs Improvement”. Well, you doohickey, that’s why I’m doing this in the first place. I’m improving on my blog. So you can just go stuff it.