So I don’t think I’m the first person to say this, but I’m really bad at talking about myself.

Like, during icebreakers, if someone asks me to tell the group about myself, I panic. You probably know what I mean. Well, not to say that you are insecure. Maybe you really know yourself and have a nice 30 second schpeal that you give out like…. idk, something that someone gives out. (I was going to say hand out like hot cakes, but you don’t really hand out schpeals. You give a schpeal. Although the wordpress spellcheck is telling me that schpeal isn’t a word, but I’ve definitely heard it said by other people, and I’ve said it before with no raised eyebrows in response, so I think wordpress is wrong. I’m off track, oh boy.)

I guess to sum it up, if you’ve ever been asked to give a fun fact about yourself and then had the moment where “oh my god I must be such a boring person, I can’t think of a single thing to say here” runs through your head, then you probably know what I mean.

But here’s the bigger challenge, this is the ‘about’ section of a website.  So not only am I faced with the task of being interesting, I have to also figure out a way to put what I’m doing with this website into words. And what the hell am I doing anyway?

News media websites and businesses of all sizes would have little trouble with this besides figuring out how to artfully use language to convey the things that they want the general public to know. But I barely know what I want to write about today, much less as a general topic for this thing.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are all kinds of things I don’t want to write about. Like tea. Or the fitness industry. Or transportation economics.  Actually, now that I think about it, transportation economics could be a really interesting topic for a one-off piece. I mean, how does the transportation system of a geographical area impact the economic equality, growth, development, etc. of that space? And how do the supply/demand issues impact different transportation systems? What policies could be put into place to make them more efficiently designed from the start? I don’t know. But maybe one day I’ll research it for you. I’m pretty sure at least public transportation has been studied by someone. I digress.

I’ll probably wind up writing a lot about politics and religion. Both are topics about which you should not talk to family members or coworkers. Apparently.

But you know what? I don’t care. Why should those two subjects be given the dark stain of taboo? The conclusions we draw about the world because of those two subjects have more power over how we interact with each other than the conclusions from any other field.  Well, I mean, besides maybe physics, but even then, most of us have a general idea of the relevant-to-our-everyday-lives truths of physics without having studied it. We know gravity pulls us down and that helium makes our voices higher (or is that chemistry? Probably chemistry. Or anatomy. I’m getting sidetracked.)

When physicists come out and say “hey so dark matter probably exists” we say “oh cool” and then go on to live our lives. But when a political leader comes out and says, well, pretty much anything, there are real and serious consequences to their words- good and bad. It’s arguably even more serious for religious leaders, but that’s another topic and another argument and honestly, this is probably even too in-depth for an ‘About’ section anyway.

So yeah. Politics and religion. (Namely, Christianity. It’s kind of my specialty.)

((I mean, I even turned two words that I plucked out of thin air into a political situation. Like, did you even see what I did to poor old transportation economics?))

I’m going to stop writing this “about” section and go write something else, probably.