a rainbow flag is shown against the sky.

A Trans Meme and A Christian

I don’t fully know what the Christian response to Trans issues should be. I haven’t researched it enough, and I don’t know enough about the Trans community to understand it yet. 

But I know it’s not this. 

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A red robin on a fence post

The Red Robin Incident

Humans’ unnatural defense mechanism to this is not to go back to God and seek his security, but rather to make it for ourselves. This is pride. We point to something about ourselves and twist our identity around it and say “this is how I can live with myself.” But everything we can come up with involves comparison. We point to our achievements and say “I did good work, that makes me good enough.” We point to our family life and say “I care so much for my family, that’s what makes me ok”. We point to our way of living and say “I don’t murder. See look, I’m not that bad!” 

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Regarding Campus Preachers

I don’t fully remember what it was that I heard while walking past this scene, but I do remember that even though I did walk into the building, I had to stop, turn around, go back, and pay closer attention.
These preachers weren’t just saying that everyone is a sinner. They were saying that homosexuals are evil and are going to hell. They said that the women on the campus were whores, handing out their virginity for fun. And they said it violently. I was furious.

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I don’t have any more poop in my head.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been struggling through my first bout of writer’s block. And I’ve finally worked past it for the most part, and my friend Seth said that it was like I was no longer mentally constipated. There was no more poop in my head. And I thought that would make an excellent title, so I’m writing this post specifically because I had a good idea for a title, and that’s honestly a super encouraging thing to happen to me, and damn it I’m going to celebrate my shitty title. And the shitty pun I just made about it.

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Regarding Roy Moore

I am angry on behalf of the women who have had to weigh the decision of whether or not to put her painful story out there against a wealthy and powerful man. I am angry on behalf of everyone who has to sit there and listen to some twat spewing the “well they’re probably just saying it to get attention” trope. I am angry that powerful men have assaulted women in their workplaces and homes, and then gone on to enjoy regular lives uninterrupted by the memory of the event or the consequences of their actions. But more than anything, I am so, so angry at the church.

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Apparently there’s a verse in Joshua that talks about what could be a solar eclipse and some scientists have written a paper on it and I think that’s the coolest thing this week

Humphreys and Waddington looked to see if there was an annular eclipse around the time we’d expect the Israelites to be in Canaan, where it could be seen. And you’ll be totally surprised, because you’ve definitely read this far wondering whether there will be a solar eclipse that makes sense:

There was an annular eclipse that would have been visible in Canaan in the year 1207 BC.

*Mind blown*

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I wrote an essay about Thomas while replying to a friend and I liked it enough to save it as its own file. Here’s the slightly more polished version. (by Fall Out Boy.)

What most people forget about Thomas is that he was actually really dedicated to Jesus. Like…. He is the one who wants to know the way to where Jesus is going to prepare rooms for them. In John 11:16 he shows boldness in wanting to go and possibly even die with Jesus on the journey to revive Lazarus.

So what was it that made Thomas doubt the resurrection?

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