a rainbow flag is shown against the sky.

A Trans Meme and A Christian

I don’t fully know what the Christian response to Trans issues should be. I haven’t researched it enough, and I don’t know enough about the Trans community to understand it yet. 

But I know it’s not this. 

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A red robin on a fence post

The Red Robin Incident

Humans’ unnatural defense mechanism to this is not to go back to God and seek his security, but rather to make it for ourselves. This is pride. We point to something about ourselves and twist our identity around it and say “this is how I can live with myself.” But everything we can come up with involves comparison. We point to our achievements and say “I did good work, that makes me good enough.” We point to our family life and say “I care so much for my family, that’s what makes me ok”. We point to our way of living and say “I don’t murder. See look, I’m not that bad!” 

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Regarding Campus Preachers

I don’t fully remember what it was that I heard while walking past this scene, but I do remember that even though I did walk into the building, I had to stop, turn around, go back, and pay closer attention.
These preachers weren’t just saying that everyone is a sinner. They were saying that homosexuals are evil and are going to hell. They said that the women on the campus were whores, handing out their virginity for fun. And they said it violently. I was furious.

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